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Budapest: Matthias Church

Budapest: statue of St Stephen

Budapest: Parliament

Budapest: Royal Palace

Budapest: panorama

Budapest: Chain Bridge

Budapest: the Danube

Budapest: State Opera House

Budapest: Heroes' Square

Budapest: Museum of Fine Arts

Budapest: City Zoo

Budapest: Vajdahunyad Castle

Budapest: National Museum

The Statue Park: Lenin

The Statue Park 2

The Statue Park 3

Szeged: Ferenc Móra Museum

Szeged: Cathedral

Szeged: a macabre detail

Pécs: Széchenyi tér

Pécs: Synagogue

Pécs: Basilica of St Peter

Pécs: Király utca

Pécs: TV Tower

Pécs: panorama

Pécs: my hotel

Sopron: Fire Tower

Sopron: Fidelity Gate

Sopron: Civitas Fidelissima

Sopron: panorama and Church of St Michael

Sopron: the "Goat Church"

Gyor: Rába river

Gyor: Bishop's Castle

Fertod: Esterházy palace

Fertod: façade of the palace

Fertod: a detail of the palace

Fertod: Esterházy park and palace

Fertod: rear view of the palace

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

This church dates back to the 11th century, and it's an amalgam of different styles; what you see in the picture is a Gothic chapel. Inside, among other things, you can find the umpteenth statue of Mary claimed to have cried blood: unfortunately, this kind of superstitions does not afflict only Italy.

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