she sat alone in a small cafe she felt blue he walked by and she fell to picees together under the blanket the same but different his eyes were like tongues she smelled his thoughts
he took her from behind she watched the snakes crawl he drew maps on her belly they dressed like doctors their bodies kept them together she was surrounded by boxes
he hung her in his closet the curtains were waving at the window she knew how to set a table the world's outside but I'm not she said together they sat on the bed she lived far away from him they stayed together
the woman held the child in the water I slept with a full moon maria made zucchini for lunch she combedher hair with a pink comb she danced with a red scarf
she slept with sheets she wore socks on the beach have four eyes there was a bathingsuit hanging on the balcony she watched the fan turn round and round they sat <t the Liston and drank the heat away
they just wanted to play from the sea she could see the temple on the hill waiting has many colors she said she wore a new baithing suit she went to drink at the sea's edge her body was brown