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The first day of September, and the whole city has been talking for a week about the game. That's right, the two first division football teams from the city are meeting up in a league encounter.

Our heroes met up at three o' clock with Mark (our dice playing English sidekick), and some guys from the university. Heart chose to support Bolivar, it's more exciting if you support one of the teams. There was a good atmosphere outside the stadium, where you could buy flags, jerseys, hats and scarfs of both teams. For your ticket all you have to do is look for someone (usually women) with a bundle of tickets and shouting. You haggle even for your ticket into the stadium, unbelieveable! You are not allowed bring flag sticks or bottles into the stadium, so Mark and Heart guzzled down a two litre bottle of Pepsi at the gate, rather than throw it away! The strange thing is that most of the vendors in the stadium (and there are a lot of them) sell plastic bottles of soft drinks!!

The fans were well-mannered, but it was blantently obvious that the supporters of The Strongest (nicknamed the Tigers) were the "hooligans"! The Tigers were in the curva sur with Bolivar at the other end. In between there were supporters from both teams sitting next to eachother.

The match, unfortunately, finished in a nil all draw, with both teams having their chances but Bolivar seemed the stronger. At half time Heart won 10Bs at dice against Mark, let it not be forgotten. Take a look at the photos here.