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 Let's just say that our heroes got lucky, but in any case, at 8am on this beautiful Saturday morning they found themselves on bus in Plaza Murillo that was going to take them to Lake Titikaka.....and they were not alone! Their companion is a character that will pop up in other future adventures. She's the King with breasts! She's the Heart with a booty! She's The Diva, with a capital "T" and a capital "D". You don't have to like her, but you DO have to respect her. When she walks by, even the llamas turn their heads. And you know she's arriving when you hear those trumpets blow and that red carpet roll out!  

Anyhow, as soon as our heroes got on the bus they made themselves comfortable and went to sleep......they had got home at five thirty the night before! But that is an adventure that will not be told!!

We arrived in Tequina after 2 hours where we had to make a short boat to the other shore, the bus was loaded on a barge and brought across. After another hour drive we arrived in Copacabana, which is a very important religious reference point for both the Incas and the modern day christian indians. On the nearby Isola del Sol and Isola de la Luna, the Incas believe that the sun and the moon were born and therefore the roots of life!

On the weekend mornings in Copacabana a very strange car blessing ceremony (Cha'lla) takes place. Cars, trucks and buses belonging to pilgrims are decked out in garlands of real or plastic flowers, ribbons and flags. Petitions are made to the Virgin Mary, and a ritual offering of alcohol is poured over the vechicles, in presence of the local priest.....and afterwards more alcohol is poured down their throats until everyone is well locked!

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El Corazon - 2002