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After lunch we headed to check out a parade in Obrajes, because in that area of the city they celebrate the 14th of September, for reasons for which we were unable to determine.

The street in front of Plaza "16 de julio" was the main focal point, where each nearby quarter's parade would be judged. It was unreal, because each quarter had its own parade consisting of at least 250 people and a brass band. They danced the whole way down the street, which is pretty long (about 2km)! Along the crowded footpaths you could buy beers, nuts and anything else edible! The atmosphere was good. Some of the costumes were cool, and by rule the brass band has to be pretty drunk before taking part. Click here to check out a short film which will give you an idea of what was going on (it's the first time I'm putting in a film, it should work!).

I can't really say much more, basically it was a small celebration where everyone will get locked. Check out some photos.

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