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It's Saturday. Yesterday we got a digital camera, but we are back in the city to buy a bigger memory stick....128Mb! That way we can't take photos & make small little films, without being short for space. If you want to know something about La Paz, just check it out here.

The problem is that it's pretty hard to get some photos of the local people because they believe that a part of their spirit gets trapped in the photograph, so they can be quite touchy.......the beggars though are willing to sell their soul for 10Bs (1Bs=14eurocents)! But if you're wide, like De King & De Heart, you can get some pretty good photos without spending a penny.....or can nearly always get away, you'll see what I mean later.

  Our first stop is a small cafe, to get something to eat and set up the camera with the new memory. I decide to order an "espresso doble" and check out what they bring me. No, that is not a miniture cigarette, but one fuck off coffee. Lucky, I didn't go for the long coffee or a cappuccino! I got a beef sambo as well.....don't eat the lettuce in La Paz, you may get hepatitis or some other dirty disease!  

Then we started our mission, to get some photos! So click here to get to today's gallery


El Corazon - 2002