RAZZLE DAZZLE *What the hell?!*
"Sit down and get ready to be F****D!" - Well, that's the instructions given by the honey coated voice of the female that introduces Razzle Dazzle's 'What the Hell' demo, so bring it on! Straight off this band have me smiling, great lighthearted lyrics, sugary harmonies, and cheeky little solo's in abundance. It's fun, very easy listening and in today's scene of bands often playing crunching power chords and pounding drums, well this is thee flip side, it's a welcome change. This demo SKIPS along like a pixie on speed, your toes will be tapping and you'll be grabbing the nearest two items that resemble drumsticks within minutes, your moms knitting needles or maybe your dads chopsticks just as he twirls his last few noodles, whatever, it's FUN, no frills, straight forward RNR with a party in its pocket!

LANDSLIDE LADIES *Loud, lou$y & loo$e*
Think gutters, sleaze and abuse, this is down n dirty from start to finish. As I listen to Landslide Ladies i am getting flash backs to the punks of London and the back to basics style of The Heartbreakers and early Hanoi. Vocals are gravelly and very raw, hooked up with dubious backing vocals which in places get very mixed up in the lead, and do let this CD down, particularly evident on the tracks 'Hollywood' and 'New Disease'; that aside this is a NO FRILLS band that obviously love what they do, and they do it well. Landslide Ladies aren't going to break any barriers but I do think they will be playing when many bands have long hung up their guitars, definitely Loud, Lousy and Loose but in all the best possible ways!
Fresh, fresh fresh! The overwhelming element that lovingly slapped me round the face as the first track got underway, making this band so appealing. Many bands with female vocalists sound very generic but you couldn't be more wrong with Pretty Suicide, I definitely hear a Debbie Harry sound coming through, laced with great harmonies. Production on this CD is tip-top and the balance of sound and vocals is bullseye. I thoroughly enjoyed every track on the sampler, right down to the great cover of 'Tomorrow' (Kiss) which is a cheeky lil' teaser that plays you out. A very professional CD, and a band with a bright future, forget the suicide, this bands sitting pretty!
BUTCHERS BILL *Quick and painful*
Sunday morning and Butchers Bill...BAAAAM!!! I'm grabbed by the scruff of my scrawny neck and swung round the room by crunchin' guitars and relentless poundin drums, aggressive high octane RNR a go-go! Sleazy vocals, not dissimilar to that of Backyard Babies and, dare I say, the early days of the Rolling Stones but with more WHACK than a jack hammer, this CD is just down right DIRTY!!!. An aggressive yet remarkably restrained sound, with more guitars than you can handle and vocals that are an insult on your well being. A very well produced CD with a sound that is fast, loud and degenerated, a band to see live f'sure, I'm now well and truly BUTCHERED!
MAMA KIN *Party time*
Ok, so it's Party Time! Mama Kin spins up and at first listen i hear talented musicians that can handle theirselves and their weapons of choice without a doubt, vocals that are full of substance and songs that are packed with energy and that good ol' rock/AOR spirit. However, I just feel that it's nothing I haven't heard many times before, there's a missing detail to set them apart from the gaggle of bands that play in this vein, but as they say 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it!'. A band for the more hardened Rock/AOR fan, but one that stamps it's authority and stands strong, some great tracks played with feeling and vigour. Not so much 'Party Time' as get the beers in and let's crank up some good time rock.
THE REVOLVERS *End of Apathy*
Rough cut, rawkus RNR that makes no apologies for it's bad attitude, all interlaced with catchy hooks and strong melodies, you'd swear you'd heard this band before, each track lodges itself firmly in your mind and becomes a friend at first listen. The Revolvers is an upbeat fresh and original sound with strong vocals and an unforgiving rhythm. With songs like 'What Happened To My Attitude' and 'No Clash Reunion' you may try and resist a quick pogo but like an itch you just gotta scratch it, and you'll be crankin' up your player and jumpin off that old beige couch within seconds! A mix of old skool punk with '04 technology and production, an energetic CD full of promise...pull the trigger if you dare!

DOGDAYS *Broke in Hollywood*
Straight outta the glitz and glamour of Hollyweird, comes Dogdays, a very RNR affair, with tracks chock full of guitars, attitude, catchy harmonies and sleazy vocals, oh your mom just ain't gonna like these fella's f'sure! Pumping out well crafted, considered and memorable songs Dogdays is totally at home spinning in your CD player but I think more at home in a dark smokey LA club filled with RNR lunatics spitting beer and California girls getting down and dirty. Dogdays aren't re-inventing the wheel with this CD and I am unsure as to how their sound will develop and the direction they will take, but for now they're definately having fun, playing some great music and your going to struggle to keep this RNR pitbull on it's leash, these dogs bite, so look out!!!

A very big sound, a very big voice and very big power ballads!. McQueen Street bring back memories of the countless AOR bands from back in the day, listening to the CD I'm hearing those 110 decibel vocals, pounding drums and screaming guitars, unfortunately this is a factor that goes against the CD. I found the lead vocals to be a little strained at times, however, the songs are well produced and the band can't be doubted as to their overall talent, the essential missing element has to be that unique touch to make it stand out from the crowd, if you are an avid aor fan then there is a big chance you will really like McQueen Street, a professional CD, well produced but just didn't light that fire inside.
So I settle in on a wet windy day to give ‘Bitch Alert’ it’s first spin, as I get comfortable I am SO HOPING that I’m not gonna have my ears filled with another Donnas/Eyeliners... After wandering through the first couple of tracks I wasn’t at all excited or fired up and my concentration was starting to wonder, which is never a good sign so early on in the proceedings. Musically Bitch Alert were sounding slightly inexperienced, they seemed to sound nervous with their instruments, odd as it may sound. Now I’m on 'Monday', feeling uninspired and moving towards the ‘Stop’ button...'Loveson'...'Dirty White'...FK YEAH, here we go, backing away from ‘stop’ and slumping back in my chair. It was as if the band had musically matured by like 5 years, more variation both musically and in overall style, alot more depth and feel, with much more substance, vocally sounding not dis-similar to the gravely voiced ‘Brody of the great ‘Distillers’ camp!I have to say from this point on the picture being painted is MUCH brighter, the rest of the CD held my attention well, and I really started to warm to those snotty, raw vocals. A CD that took a little warming up but on reaching temperature left some pretty neat scorch marks, well worth a spin!

CRASH KELLY *Penny Pills*
At first spin the Crash Kelly bug will bury itself DEEP under your skin and tunnel into your subconscious, sounds a lil' harsh I hear you say, believe me you will like that feelin' more than you can imagine. Pure unadulterated RNR tunes born from the ashes of bands such as T-Rex, Alice Cooper, Kiss Rolling Stones and the totally hook filled Cheap Trick!!!! A well produced, fresh and a 'current' CD, lovingly put together with that, in today's scene, sometimes rare fine attention to detail, coupled with that everlasting thirst to play straight forward powerful RNR with unrelenting style and undying vigour! Tracks that particularly shine have to be '11 Cigarettes', 'Wanna be like you' and 'Penny Pills', if your not fired up and ready to go to a RNR show after the first 5 minutes of this CD then you obviously lost your kool a LONG time ago. To really appreciate Crash Kelly you have to see them play live, a show that's loud and fun with music that is as tight as a camels butt in a sand storm! Overall a professional and cheeky CD, the awesome 'corkscrew' hair and a live set that will make your internals bounce with energy!You want something to cure that RNR ache? pop this lil' pill and wait for the reaction, great stuff!

CANDY * Teenage Neon Jungle *
A CD brimming with rare and unreleased tracks from this little known and immensely underrated 80's LA pop/rock band, who epitomise the essence of american pop rock! So how do you describe these American 80's hearthrobs, a hard one f'sure, the label of pop/rock can cover a massive spectrum of bands so bare with me, well, the easiest way to describe a band such as Candy is quite simply the bastard sons of 'Cheap Trick', catchy as hell harmonies all intertwined with a beat that skips along like a cheerleader goin' to the prom laced with lyrics to match. If your gonna listen to this CD there's a couple of things that you will need in your corner, an ill fitting leather jacket, a skinny fit T and the keys to an 85' corvette, think the Osmonds clad in black leather wielding guitars, amps and hairspray, you could easily take Candy home without hesitation to meet your parents or maybe go up to inspiration point and explore that plush Corvette upholstery and taste how sweet this Candy is, you get a fantastic mix of innocence and tongue in cheek US pop/rock! Overall 'Teenage Neon Jungle' is a CD that is uplifting, very easy listening and rammed full of hooks that are simply to die for, this is the good times that we're, when Hollywood was the epitamy of kool, girls were angels in disguise. With their debut album being titled 'Whatever Happened to Fun' Candy now give you a chance to answer, fun IS most definitely 'Teenage Neon Jungle' light hearted, catchy and sweet as Candy!!!!
THE JET CITY FIX *Play to kill*
Hailing from Seattle, The Jet City Fix gives us a full-lenght cd who will please all the fans of high-energy rnr. The cover could make you think of The Hellacopters or alike bands and in a few tunes the sound is not miles away from those outfits, but when JCF add a dose of powerpop and a touch of glam the result is candy for your ears, I'm talkin' about track #2 'Dumb Luck': a monsterous rocker who comes across like American Hi-Fi on heat! 'Drowning' is another pop-rock tune with a lot of potential and "Jet City's Rockin'" seems to be the band's anthem. A special mention goes to the Wildhearts cover 'Sick of Drugs': really impressive effort.
THE BULLS EYE DIRT *Legends + Stockholm Rock Cityl*
I guess there's never been a r&r offering from Sweden bigger than the one we're having nowadays, and that's a good thing! Like most Swedish bands of the new millenium, Bulls Eye Dirt borrow from The Hellacopters (and the'Copters borrowed from the 70's..) but what really matters is that this four-piece has written some really ear-catching kick-ass tunes. If you're already familiar with other Swedes outfits like The Bones or Plan 9 you'll enjoy songs like 'Legends','Hang on' and 'Do you know?', while the cowboy-style ballad 'Wild Rose' despite its cliched title it's damn beautiful and reminds me of late 80's demi-Gods Swedish Erotica: kewl! They also have a split single with Bates Motel available, 2 songs from each band. Time will tell who's the next rn'r legend...
CRYSTAL PISTOL *Everybody hates you when you love rock'n'roll*
The sampler comes with the band's warning: this rock n' roll will kill you! After listening to the six tunes that make up this dangerous cd I can do nothing but agree with them. Crystal Pistol is the most exciting new Canadian band since Robin Black + Irs. The songs are sleazy rockers that fall somewhere between Faster Pussycat and Hardcore Superstar; this fieve-piece hints at great things to come judging from tracks like the Kiss-influenced "Rockstar" or the great "Teenage Parasite ". Last but not least, the whole promo package looks damn cool, contact them now before they're too big!
SWINDLE-A-GO-GO *Glamurder Traxx*
This band features the services of two ex-members of Swedish glam/trash bands Chinese Takeaway and SoldOut Sweethearts and I actually find their sound like a cross between the aforementioned outfits, old school punk and 70's glam. Despite being really trashy, the songs that make up this demo cd are quite catchy as well, I dig the choruses and I hear shadows of Hanoi here and there."Sweet Sexy Drug" could be the best tune on offer and you just gotta love the title...Don't check them out if you only like safe plastic rock! .....
THE SAVIORS *Ruby Gloom / Receipe for disaster*
Led by glam madman Dimitri Monroe, The Saviors are a rock'n'roll machine fueled with old records of Deadboys and Hanoi Rocks! A-side "Ruby Gloom" would get the Mic Monroe and Andy Mc Coy approval, and if Steve Bator could listen to the B-side "Receipe for disater" he'd probably love to sing along the chorus. This is the real stuff and the only let down about this piece of plastic is that two songs are not enuff for me! More RAWK pleeze...

COCK'N'ROLL *The World's Sleaziest Rock Bands*
Everybody has got a mission in life: Ken McIntyre's Sleazegrinder Records decided to put the fuck in rock'n'fucking roll and this compilation proves that they're great at what they do. Actually this piece of plastic is the filthiest thing that hit my cd player in 2003; 26 bands for more than one hour of nasty rock & roll cummin' from all over the rock'n'roll galaxy. The Erotics, Queer For Girls and Trashcan Darlings to name but three, are some of the bands that make up a journey into a dangerous underworld full of booze, sex, violence, bad language and distorted guitars. Got the picture? Fine, follow the Sleazegrinder message now.

Currently on heavy rotation on my cd player, this is a tasty appetizer of a bunch of punks in make-up hailing from the Italian Motorcity. Formerly 80's glam/hair metal believers, Hollywood Killerz are now showing an updated sound that mixes Hollywood glam with Scandi rock and believe me, the result is a rock'n'roll bomb ready to explode in your face! 'Hittin the star' and 'Liquor store' open the promo in an ultra-sleazy way, the vocals are angrier compared to the early days and really fit the new style. 'Obsessed' scares me with its dark tinged atmosphere while 'Somewhere out of this mind' reminds me of Backyard Babies. Final cut 'Love crash' reeks of sex, cheap lipstick and alchohol and it's destined to become Hollywood Killerz' anthem! Can't wait for their soon-to-be-released full lenght cd.

MAMA KIN *Three is company*
Young combo from Sweden who serves us a 5-track demo cd showing some potential. Mama Kim is stuck in the edonisthic 80's and their manifesto is the opening cut 'Champagne, chicks and rock-n-roll' a tough rocker that doesn't need further explanations. Their cover of 'Mama Kin' is well done and actually sounds like a mix between Aerosmith and Guns N' fucking Roses while Skidrow's 'Get the fuck out' delivers the goods as well. The band is now working on other five own songs, drop a line to lead vox Chris Action for more info:

THE INDEPENDENTS *Back from the grave*
Ok, the cover could make you think of some death metal band...but hell no, even though these guys are weird they don't sound anything like, ahem, Deicide or alike music terrorists!! Produced by the late Joey Ramone, The Independents are one of the most innovative bands I've heard in a while: they combine elements of pop, horror rock, ska and punk...sometimes you get the feeling you're listening to a jam session between Rancid, Misfits and Ramones. Check 'em out if you're looking for something that's not that easy to label.


In the last year or so, many glam outfits started to raze hell in the smokey night spots of Northern Italy and Naughty Whisper is one of the most promising. The three piece is composed of Lexxy- drums, Redox-guitars and Ashly X-vox and bass; they've been together for a few years now and this cd ep is their first official release, currently distributed by Perris Records in the Usa. 'Hot Playz' is a melting pot of Sleaze,Glam and Rnr, raspy vocals nice choruses and plenty of attitude from first track 'Crazy Rebel' to the closing power ballad 'In my heart'. 'All I want' is a typical on-the-road song to turn it up on your car stereo while 'Lovin' twister' reminds me of early Roxx Gang. They deserve the support of every glam rocker outta here.

MANDA AND THE MARBLES *More seduction*
If you like female fronted bands sucha as The Kowalskis or The Botswanas, then you'll find yourself addicted to this three-piece fronted by the beautiful Manda in no time. At least that's what happened to me after listening to songs like 'Dangerous' or 'I wanna go home'. 'More seduction' gives you twelve tunes that sparkle out of the cd player and make you wanna sing along banging your fists in the air. You've been warned now...listen to this Cd carefully as it's INFECTIOUS! La la la la.....

SLOW MOTORCADE *Sex, drags & rock'n'roll*
After having a track (Sixteen forever) released on a Glam comp. cd a few years ago this five piece is back with a full-lenght release that will please all the fans of 70's glitter rock. Millions miles away from pop-punk, the band penned one of the best tunes of the last year or so i.e. "Missing in action", an awesome number who reminds me of outfits like Spiders & Snakes or Silver Star. Despite hanging from California the sound of of Slow Motorcade is so British that it hurts and a must for all the Bowie/Bolan fans outta here.

PRETTY BOY FLOYD *Limited edition collector's cd*
Before you start to wonder...yeah...this ep contains 3 brand NEW songs of PBF...and that alone is a shocking news! The production is not -ahem- crystal clear but I'm sure these tracks won't disappoint any Floyds fan. "Fuck the rock" spots an unexpected angry snarl on Steve voice tho' the chorus is as cheesy as it's catchy, "It's alright" reminds me of City Girls Boys so you gotta blame Lesli for that... "727" is the mega-sweet ballad that closes the cd -la "Summer Love" to name but one old PBF slow number. Steve swore that a full-lenght cd is out in a few've promised it bud!

THE SCARECROWS *Cd ep* -------------------------------------------------- -------- Last time I had heard about these sleazy cats, I thought they were going to follow the steps of their buddies Hardcore Superstar, now I can hear that the music has been moving toward a Backyard Babies (Making Enemies-era) direction, mixing garage rock with old school glam, Smack atmospheres, the ghosts of old Hanoi and big guitars -la Wildhearts. They got the right influences and the musicianship, I would not be surprised if they became the next big thing.