Renderings from the first wavepiercer design

still looking for certain design parameters in this field


Renderings from the last model

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Pictures of what exist on the Net as C Class cat

Here you are very few pictures that i have found around the Net and from some books. If you have some other let me know!
New pictures are naturally wellcome.

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22nd Little America's Cup: Australian Yellow Pages Team: Edge


22nd Little America's Cup: USA Team Cogito Project won four races to nil at McCrae Yacht Club on  Jan 19th 1996.Cogito has a three element wing, It is a self twisting wing thanks to the flexible support that two carbon tubes provided for the fore and rear element/ flap.The last picthre shows cogito sailing together with the last of Pantient Lady serie: Patient Lady VI

thanks to Tim :-)



Freedom Wing a Morrelli&Melvin C Class for the Little America's Cup, 5 years after the cup has been sold and re-rigged with a 12m carbon fiber mast and a 32.5mē sail


here some pictures of Otip a French challanger equipped with a pivoting wing...thanks to Bertrand ;-)




And at last but not least.... the Italian C Class cats picture collection! These are all Ing.Bergamini's creations.


Little America's Cup: Italian Challenge 1980: Signor G, this cat had a  flap over a soft double sail and canted daggerboards. Then Miss Lancia 1978?!?!? and a picture showing Patient Lady IV 1978!?!! against Miss Lancia.


Below a C Class platform rigged with a very big sail area , 80mē  in its upwind sloop configuration: Fred & Co.


Here the last update: two homemade C Class cats from Basilio Oliveri