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via satellite e la decodificazione di codici...

Satellite pay-tv utilities

d2macutil v1.10 - Windows program for updating keys and id's on all pic cards. odx editor for external files for alot more flexibility added You can edit key's, id's and info page in the Eeprom. It supports: MM2 Eeprom's 2.00-2.15, MM3 Eeprom's 3.00-3.03, MM2 Auto 1.00-1.04, Nordic4 4.00-4.02, LuxorMac3 0.9x, Funcard 1.00 beta1, Qsoft 2.06, Canix 0.30-042, Vianix 0.20 (25512 hits)
decrypt - Season Card software. Now with Canal+ Triple DES, can do autoupdate if you have the mgm.keys, lots of features, read the documentation included. (45379 hits)
ExoTV - software decoder for Nagra Syster, Videocrypt etc.. (63111 hits)
hexutils - This .ZIP file contains three utilities that may be useful in dealing with Intel hex format data files. (36072 hits)
IC-Prog 0.9d - Very nice and easy to use windows based program. Can program a lot of different PIC chip devices. (41816 hits)
Intel.zip - Converts from hex8 to hex16 and hex16 to hex8. (30380 hits)
KeyPlus 4.1 - nice Eurocrypt DES calculator by Gerry Slevin. (8701 hits)
Learn Eurocrypt 1.0 - excellent DOS-program if you want to learn the eurocrypt cryptalgorithms. (5410 hits)
MacBase PC Eurocrypt Emulator Page - hardware (11429 hits)
MacBase Software - eurocrypt decoding (15805 hits)
MacEdit - It's probably the most complete Hex-file Editor for 1-PIC User. Edit the well-known hex-files or make your own. It enables you to choose chip (16F84 & 16C84), I/O(rb6 & rb7) and change key-index in some Hex-files. (6126 hits)
mmedit - The program allows you to read, modify and save channel idents and keys in a multimac eeprom file. It reads and writes MultiMac 2.12 - 2.14 Hex8, and writes SDL format. It prints and exports a formatted file. In addition, a calculator for calculating multimac update- codes, a converter between hex and multimac codes, and a tool for editing Nordic and WgtBetaB files is included. (5411 hits)
Nix Editor - Hexfile editor for Canix and Vianix files. (2838 hits)
Phelix Checksum - a little tool that you can use to check and correct Intel Hexfiles. (2575 hits)
Phelix EC-m DES calc. for windows - Updated version of EC-m DES calculator. Works like Key Plus but is programmed for Windows. Some things that makes it easier to use has been added. (2926 hits)
Phelix Key Converter 1.0 - Key Converter that fast and very easy converts 7 bytes keys between the formats: Hex, Multimac, Multimac3, Nordic4 and (to) Binary. You can easy copy and paste the keys in all the formats to/from Clipboard. (4116 hits)
Phelix Multieditor 4.0 Setup - Flexible editor for hexfiles! It can be configurated to edit almost all intel 8bit hexfiles, thanks to the phx-files. It's not just an editor, it also has a converter for many different convertions. (3576 hits)
Phelix Multieditor 4.0 Without runtimes - Same program as above but without any runtimefiles included. Download this one if you know you've got the Visual Basic 6 installed on your computer. (2804 hits)
Phelix Software / Phelix Multieditor 4.0 - various supporting software for editing HexFiles and adding new codes (21425 hits)
Picapps.zip - Nice utilities if you want to learn about making your own hex files. (6096 hits)
Picket - easy to use windows programmer for MK9 PIC card programmer (4331 hits)
Picprog06.zip - A good PIC-program for Win95. (7773 hits)
PIP02v26.zip - A good program for DOS Can program hex-files into PIC cards. Nice and easy to use. Should also work on faster computers. Used with Max King's PIC Card Programmer (5546 hits)
PITOU - software simulator for P2 CAMs - you can now connect your Directv receiver to a Linux box and then using TCP/IP to connect accoss the Internet and emulate a valid DirecTV account enabling all channels (4121 hits)
pix v1.13b - Pic 16c84 + eeprom programming software with many other functions. (8002 hits)
VOYAGER - Eurocrypt, videocrypt, viacess emulator and datalogger. This version now includes Triple Des to support Canal+. and Seca algorithms+ Irdeto support