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This is an ISO image of the system, able to boot from the CD-ROM and run without the hard-disk. The CD-ROM is based upon muLinux version 11x. Sorry. I cannot update it, because the original setup is definitively lost. 
As You know, a CD-ROM is much bigger than a floppy-disk, so I was able to add a gigantic extra add-on to it, containing: 
The XFCE Window Manager 
Netscape 3.0 
GTK+ and GNOME support 
The Gnomba Samba Browser 
Linux Manual Pages 
Ghostscript and Ghostview 
xv, xanim, The Gimp 
ScreenLocks, Demos 
Plan Scheduler for X 
etc, etc. 
Be aware: these are all OLD software.

At least 8M of RAM if Linux-on-the-console is enough for You; at least 32M of RAM and a fast CD-ROM drive (32X) if You plan to use XWindows. 
Low memory machines: You will have better results if you clone to the HD, immediately after you reached the prompt.



We are glad to announce the release of MuLinux El-Torito, the most advanced release of MuLinux. It can be directly installed from a CD and is the best tool for the regeneration of outdated PC's, a potentiality for the Third World, but not only for it.

MuLinux has many advantages: it needs a very limited size of memory and includes many tools (Internet dial-up, browser, client, etc.). It is based 
on the installation of Linux GNU software. Every user can browse the FTP of  Linux GNU, select the programs he is interested in, and download them for free. Millions and millions of old PC's (like 386 or 486) which still exist in the Third World can thus acquire an acceptable level of configuration according to today's standards.

MuLinux's tools are not so different from the ones which work under Unix. 
That means it is also possible to change a network of old PC's using the MuLinux system into a server or a little Intranet

This new version of MuLinux is especially conceived as a form of solidarity for the Third World. Its inhabitants can create a new field of professional activity: converting old PC's into useful tools.



E' ora disponibile MuLinux El-Torito, la versione piu' avanzata di MuLinux che si installa automaticamente dal un cd, adatto per un grande lavoro di recupero e adattamento dei vecchi computer, del Terzo Mondo ma non solo.
Mulinux e le sue eccezionali capacita' di adattabilita', ridotto spazio di memoria occupato, di opzioni disponibili (accesso a Internet, navigazione nei siti web, gestione della posta elettronica, ecc. ecc.), di potenzialita' di sviluppo (utilizza sistemi di Linux GNU, consentendoquindi a chiunque di andare su Internet, in particolare negli FTP di Linux GNU, a prendere gratis i pezzi di sistema operativo preferiti, per espanderlo a piacere) puo' permettere di riconvertire gratis milioni e milioni di vecchi computer (soprattutto nel Terzo Mondo), come i pc 386 e 486, ad un livello sufficentemente moderno.
MuLinux contiene gia' delle funzioni simili a Unix, un lavoro attento puo' consentire di trasformare una serie di vecchi computer (basati sul sistema operativo MuLinux) in server collegato in una rete locale o in una piccola Intranet.
Questa nuova versione di MuLinux e' appositamente studiata per aiutare il Terzo Mondo, ed a cominciare una redditizia attivita' economica di recupero di vecchi computer.



MuLinux : maintenant est disponible El-Torito, la version la plus neuve de MuLinux qu'installe d'un CD automatiquement, adéquat pour un grand travail de récupération et adaptation des vieux ordinateurs, du Troisième Monde mais pas seulement. 
Mulinux a capacités exceptionnelles et faculté d'adaptation, espace réduit de mémoire occupé, beaucoup d'options disponibles (Internet, gestion du courrier électronique), de potentialité de développement (il utilise systèmes de Gnou Linux et permet à quiconque aller sur Internet par conséquent, en particulier dans le FTP de Gnou Linux, et prendre les morceaux de système opérationnel préféré gratuitement) permettre de reconvertir millions et millions de vieux ordinateurs (surtout dans le Troisième Monde), comme les 386 et 486's, à un niveau suffisamment
MuLinux contient déjà des fonctions ressemblantes à Unix. Un travail prudent peut permettre transformer une série de vieux ordinateurs (basé sur le système opérationnel MuLinux) dans serveurs ou dans un réseau local ou dans un petit Intranet. 
Cette nouvelle version de MuLinux a été étudiée expressément pour aider le Troisième Monde et permettre commencer une activité économique avantageuse de récupération de vieux ordinateurs. 


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