Summer Tour 1998

5 salary of mine, my dear Lookout records cap lost, a 4 days flu, 1 speed violation (75 marks in Germany, like 45 dollars), 31 days of just McDonalds, 15 days below the rain (in Germany and Belgium) and 2 in the dust were worth the Green Day concerts.

All the concerts started with Brietzklig Bop from Ramones (hey oh! let's go!) and the tracklist was the following, more or less, for all the gigs:
Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin' A Ride, The Grouch, Geek Stink Breath, 2,000 Light Years Away, Don't Leave Me, Redundant, Longview, Welcome To Paradise, Knowledge, Basket Case, She, Stuck With Me, Brain Stew, Jaded, Platypus (I Hate You), King For A Day, When I Come Around and Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).

ZILLO FESTIVAL 16 aug 1998 Hildesheim (Germany)
At the Zillo the show was exciting!!! You have to imagine that this festival is attended by Gothic people (black dressed, with a lot of holes everywhere, sadomasochist, used to listen just Indastria music) who hate our coloured punkrock, so the GD had to work a lot to wake up this death people, but they made it!!! BJ with tons of patience and perseverance, convinced the audience to clap, to jump, to scream (let   me   hear   your   fuuuuucking screeeeaaaaaaaaam!!!!)  to sing and to move their arms at the rhythm of the music. I laughed a lot looking that people, before sad and then happy to be at the GD gig. It was amazing when BJ made a strip tease during King for a day (he remained with just his leopard pants) and overall when Tre fired his drums and Mike the bass…all the people remained without the breath. Tre jumped over the drums, destroying everything on the stage. This concert left the sign in the Zillo festival history.
EASY SHORRE Halle (Germany) 17 aug 1998
Halle is in the ex east-Germany: the occidental punkrock is just arrived and few people speak English. This venue is a very nice disco and contain like 300 people. It's very strange for me , used to see GD in palaces of sports for 15000 people…There were a lot of GD posters stuck around. The stage was close to the audience…I've seen BJ singing and playing guitar at 0.5 meters from me…During the afternoon Tre and Mike went out the dressing room to meet the fans and make autograph and pictures. They have been very very kind as always and remained with us a lot of time. The support group was the TERRORGRUPPE a very very good German band. Even if I don't understand a word of German I enjoyed a lot their show. Remember TERRORGRUPPE they are great. In between their bis, came out BJ on the stage asking the people to clap to the Terrorgruppe!!! Tre and Mike enjoyed this band a lot too.
BJ was very amused and of good humour during the GD gig. He made a lot of crazy things: he climbed the lights pole throwing water than he jumped from there, making stage diving and crowd surfing…..At Knowledge he choose Lorenzo (one of the two  Pogopops) to play the song…the emotion was at the top. At the end of the concert Tre jumped on the drums dragging them on the floor, when he stood up I've seen he was sore and a lot of blood was coming out from his front. But he didn't care about it and continued to jump around. Tre surprised all the people there…He's volcanic!
All the GD fans, inflated, went out the venue very happy and satisfied singing the GD songs in their cars at a very high volume.  It was a great success.
FORUM Nuremberg, 18 aug 1998
Another little venue. 400 people. I was again at 0.5 meters from the stage. The support group was the great TERRORGRUPPE. The first row was full of girls screaming to BJ (but he's a serious guy, he doesn't matter about them).
Tre wore an helmet like the one the boxers have and all the people laughed (I think because of the sore of the day before). During the concert BJ put the microphone in his pants but no voice went out from there, Tre destroyed the drums again and Mike played the bass with all the strength and the rage he had, spitting around….At Knowledge BJ chosed a girl, Myria, who played very very well…Tre felt in love with her and after the gig he went out looking for her, shouting her name, but she was just come back home…he's a crazy bomb. He also gave us (his italian friends told us) the drumsticks…I kiss them every day.

NCO Karlsruhe Germany 8/19
The venue looked like a kindergarten and contained 400 people. Again I've been stuck to the stage. That time we went to the venue early and I've the chance to see 5 minutes of GD soundcheck, then a man from the security invited me to get out. For 5 min they played just for me (Stuck with me and Nice guy finish last)…That time the tracklist had a big big surprise: the cover of Brietzklig bop from Ramones in jam session with the TERRORGRUPPE!!!It was the panic, all the people jumped, sang along with them, slammed around. At Knowledge was chosen a guy, Andreas, who was so good that when he asked BJ to play another song with them he said yes, so they played Stuck with me. He was great even he was afraid to do stage diving.
It was very hot that night and all the people were wet. BJ threw a lot of water and beer and he also offered an especial beer to Lorenzo kissing him (but not me, sigh!) during the concert!!! Unfortunately that day I had the flu (the only person in all Europe that has the flu the 18th of august at 30 degrees) with the fever and I was under the effect of antipirogenic medicine that makes you sleep, so after the show, when we had the chance to meet BJ I was totally destroyed and I felt dumb. I was very emotioned and I would ask him a lot of questions and tell him a ton of things about his music, but few English words came out from my mouth. I thought to be in a dream. He offered us a beer (so I became totally stoned), but do you know the Murphy's law??? of that meeting I have a wonderful picture. BJ is a very very kind man. He hate just the stupid fans who scream and touch him as he was a doll.

BIZARRE FESTIVAL: Cologne Germany 21 aug 1998
The Bizarre is a rich attended festival and that time there was a lot of punkrockers waiting for them. They played inside a tent where there were concentrated 3000 people.
Out it was raining cats and dogs so it was humid and cold and everyone was wet. The North Europe has a lot of great festivals and gigs, but the weather is a shit. They played after Chumbawamba and before Iggy Pop, and the gig started as usual with "Brietzklig Bop" from Ramones, and with Tre jumping around the stage. As Mike and BJ got into they began "Nice guy finish last"….The crowd was excited and wild that it was hard to survive there. Everyone had a lot of fun. The tracklist was shorter (just 50 min per group). When Tre destroyed the drums jumping on them he hurted again but that time more seriously than in Halle: a lot of blood got out his head making red rows on his face, a blood mask, but he followed to run on the stage throwing water and beer. The festival nurses and the doctor took him away and after BJ sang Good Riddance(Time of your life) he went out again with the head totally enveloped in white bands…He was so funny that all the people were laughing. He became an hero

PUKKELPOP FESTIVAL Leopoldsburg Belgium
                                                                        30 aug 1998
There were 5000 people there. They played after Rancid and before Beastie Boys on the main stage. BJ and Tre recognized us. The show started with the famous BJ exsclamation "I say WOW!!" It was our last GD gig. It lasted for 60 min. Mike took some pictures of the audience and he went playing a lot of time close to Tre. BJ made as always the cover of a Slayer song and of Beautiful people from Marylin Manson wearing a devil mask. All the people sang along with them and they we were amused.
Even the GD tracklist don't leave a lot to the fantasy (it's always the same) they are so great that every gig is magic and unique.
Billie Joe is a tiger on the stage, he's more talent than the other people say. He always declare to be stupid, but I'm sure, he knows he's not, and he shows its genius every time giving his best. Tre Cool is one of the most exuberant and great drummer in the music world. He contributes to the show (yes because more than a punkrock concert it's a great show) with the way he plays, rich of energy. He knows how to give the charge with the drums and with his face, movements and expressions…the sounds of his drums is never the same. Generally the punk-rock music has a very strong drum but not a melodic one. Tre gets to have both effects. He's very smart because generally all the drummers are hidden by the rest of the band remaining anonymous, instead he is in the frontline at the same level of Mike and BJ, in his all personal way to be.
Mike perfectly complete the band giving to the music a heavy serious track…I mean without the Mike bass the GD music would not be at that level. His sound signed every great GD song. I'm sure they deserve the fame they have, just I think they should be more spontaneous during the shows because their fans love them for what they wrote and played and not because they are a well tested commercial product.

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