2nd september 1999- Arena Parco Nord, Bologna, Italy

from our special correspondent OX

The show started up after 1 PM: in the first hours there were not so many people, but  enough for a good punkrock gig, and a cool Skate & BMX show. The first band on the stage was the Beatsteaks from Berlin, and thanks to their powerful sound, the people started jumping and dancing. Their show was real fun, the leader threw stickers, t-shirts and CDs, and also threw himself into the crowd with his white SG, and then used the case of his guitar to surf over the audience. The second band was the A, not bad  but I don't think they were that impressive.. At this point two Italian bands were on the stage: Persiana Jones and Shandon, with their cool ska/core... people really liked "Questo si chiama ska" ("this is called ska") and "Vampire Girl" from Shandon, once again very friendly and willing off the stage. Then Good Riddance from San Francisco came on the stage, now the crowd filled the arena and the Californian band got the kids jumping and having fun. Not bad the Suicidal Tendencies... and then the Ignite attacked with the powerful sound of Hard Core and pogo dancing was all over the arena, so the leader, showing his muscles, threw himself into the crowd emphasizing the great feeling between the bands and the audience, that characterized all the Italian Warped Tour Show. Less Than Jake, with their funny show, made the people dance: really cool their most popular song "Automatic". The Vandals jumped on the stage playing "Summer Nights" from the Grease soundtrack, and then they played their most popular song like "And now we dance", "My girfriend's dead", "My Birthday", and the coolest "Oi to the world": their show on the scene was one of the most exciting of the day... at the end of the show the guitar player was the protagonist of a cool striptease, remaining 20 minutes without clothes on the scene and eventually on the scaffolding... and then he raped his guitar. Then Dog Eat Dog played their kind of crossover and PieTasters gave the boys a moment of relax with their good ska, very cool their "Freak Show". Pennywise, the headliners, made their fans dance and scream, their show characterized by speed and power ended up when all the members of the other bands came on the stage in order to thank the people for supporting them. The Italian date of the Warped Tour 99 ended up with Ice T while people were leaving the arena. OX

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