Bologna 3 september 2000 – Arena Parco Nord
Click here to listen to samples of the gig Luigi recorded!

Pogopop didn't attend the Independent Days festival and we knew by TV about the Blink 182's forced performance stop. We were not there so we don't feel like to write an opinion about what happened, altought, if the cause of the people compliant was Blink 182 on MTV, we are bored and tired about this stupid intolerance and snobbery toward bands who are considered cheaters of who knows abstract principle of commercial virginity. All the band performing the 3rd of september 2000 have a contract with a major and all could be defied as "sold" as Blink 182, but they have been the only to be hit by bottles and stones, as Method of Mayhem, last june, in Milan, during the Gods of Metal festival and as Therapy? in Rome, during Nel nome del rock in Palestrina festival.
The greatest lack of respect it was toward the kids and the people who paid 60000 lire (30 euro, 30 Dollars) to see their favorite band playing, just to enjoy all the festival.
Here they are 2 different depositions of the event:
OX: I'm still annoyed because what has happened last sunday! The park where it was organized the festival, was full of morons, Deftones and Limp Bizkit fans... furthermore there were a lot of punky kids at their first punk concert who didn't have any idea about Ramones and the recent punk rock history ...but guessing to be truly punk they took the liberty to spit shit on a band, like Blink 182, just because they've got to make something cool having success... the same Green Day and Offspring (Prozac+, note of Pogopop) old story, but this time they went offlimits... you know what I mean... someone says that the Limp Bizkit fans organized it all before the gig...
It went in this way: as Blink 182 hit the stage to play, the people started to throw them bottle full of water and stones.. it was clear there was something wrong going on, Tom tried to have fun with it saying:"Hey I'm not thirsty" or something like that, but the stuff thrown on the stage against them was so much that after two more songs  "what's my age again", "all the small things" (of course nobody of the people claiming knew the old hits of the band) they decided to stop and get out. As the band left the stage people started to fling whatever they have in their hands. After 15 minutes Tom went out to cheer for the last time the fans but a guy got up the stage to assault him from the back. I don't know, but maybe Tom has been hurt by this attack. the barbarity of the people was clear now! I could not believe it! as we left the park it came the police: such an horrible scenario! I still cannot understand the matter of it all! this world is full of idiots! It would have been a very nice and funny day, thanking to Millencolin and No use for a name, even if they played for just little time. Blink 182 alive are great! I could not know before I have seen them! The drummer in action is incredible!!!!! also Punkreas, as you know, were really great! the rest...well not so good!
Luigi Bagatella: I reached Bologna at 14:30, finding the last park area close to the gig zone! there was a lot of people there, almost  20.000 people and the weather was sooo fine! I put myself in front of the amp on the left side of the stage, it is about to start!
MUSE: they start a little bit earlier than the band list schedule, around 15:00 Muse open the long day of rock. It is the first time I have the chance to see them live, they have been always well reviewed! The singer falsetto voice reminds me Tom Yorke from Radiohead. Their music kick ass and the people start the stage diving without rest. the sound is good but not excellent. At the end (after 30 minutes) the bass player put the singer on his shoulders riding around the drums! then they jump on the drum set overturning it and the singer throw the guitar toward the people.  A well known final but it is always fun!
NO USE FOR A NAME: surf-punk band from California, early Offspring style, welcomed by people. I was very happy that so many guys knew the entire band lyrics sung in a perfect (!!!) english! Same old massacre in front of the stage, several security men were not enough to stop it! The sound was awful, you could hear voice and guitars but the drums were bulked. A low score to their sound technicians. ?
PUNKREAS: they were on the Independent Days Festival stage also last year, and they have been introduced this year by Mixo (an italian VJ) as “Papa boys”!
They purposed old classical and new songs (“Sosta” has been enthusiastically welcomed, also because a lot of people after the show, would gone to the highway rest areas (the song lyric is about how to steal stuff in the highway supermarkets at the rest area, note of Pogopop)). Some fans got to jump on the stage and sing with the band. Great performance, they made dance and pogo all the people there!
VERDENA: their was a disappointing gig on my point of view. they opened their performance with a long instrumental song leaving crowd staring at them without moving. Lot of the people decided to take advantage of it and went eating o drinking something. their set kept on with “Ultranoia”, “Dentro Sharon”, and ended with a cover I don't remember the title. Their was a good show (people clapped), but Verdena were not able to drag their fans.  this band is better in a little venue and not in front of 25.000 people.
MILLENCOLIN: swedish “punk” band, greeted as No Use For A Name. All fans sang their songs. Millencolin still played 2 times in Bologna, so spoke out some italian words (“Ciao indipendiente!”). Although I have seen just one video of them on TMC2 (an italian musical tv station, Pogopop note) I enjoyed them a lot.

Pause: the whether is getting worse and a bad black cloud is getting closer to the concert area. The security service is about to swear, and I hope not to end up as fans last year, a pelting rain falled down for some hours (something that I know, Pogopop note)
DEFTONES: The band I came here today for. Their arrival on the stage occurs at the same time of little tornado passing over, and then blowing a tent down in the zone of “festa dell’Unità”. Chino Moreno goes on the stage and he appears really excited looking at the huge audience. For 48 minutes bedlam broke loose, it still gives me the shudders just thinking about! During “My Own Summer”, Chino comes down to the barriers and finally on top of one of them he stands up for all the song! Fans do shake him, snatch his mike out, but he resists shouting like a madman!
All this energy is quieted by a couple of slow songs,just to take breath, but suddenly “7 words” and the mess resumes! Chino asks us if we are ready to listen to Limp Bizkit, and he assures us that we’ll be very tired at the end of the gig!
LIMP BIZKIT: without any introducing by Mixo, Fred Durst gets on the stage going simply “hellooooooooo”!! People get out of mind and Limp Bizkit start their set. The songs that get the audience more are “Break Stuff”, “Faith” (dedicated to all girls, that are more than usual this year!) and “Rearrange”. Then they jingle some covers for a little while: “Blind” by Korn(whom they’ve been in Italy with the first time on 13/02/97), Bombtrack by Rage Against The Machine,“Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns n’ Roses, then closing with a complete version of “Jump Around” by House Of Pain. During “Nookie” a good 4 guns shot pieces of paper on the audience, covering even a good part of the stage! The last song, before seeing Blink 182, it has been “Take A Look Around”, really famous and broadcasted almost everywhere by now. Useless saying people are completely wild, and the pressure on first rows is coming to the end of endurance.
Blink 182: the worst concert I ever saw. A lot of people that weren't there spoke about the gig, just after hearing some gossips. I’m going to speak as witness, and I’m going to tell you really what happened.
At 22:28 they are on the stage, enough welcomed by the audience.“ Dumpweed” is the overture, but just few people dance. The first thing I’m struck by is the enormous technical gap between Blink and other bands of the
day. The sound was muddled, and really few “vibrations” shot by the band. Somebody starts throwing empty plastic bottles, thing that happened a lot of times during the day. At a certain point the singer/guitarist starts going:
“Why you give me all your water?”, “Are you thirsty?” Here it comes “What’s my age again?”, and the response
is half-harted.“We’ve got some technical troubles on the stage”, he says, and after “All The Small Thing”, the three of them go away without saying a word. It’s 22:50: 22 minutes of concert, seven songs.
During a song a bottle threw singer’s mike down, and a roadie put it back with a smile on his face, as for saying “What a sight!”. Since the tape resumed from speakers, then people started to protest. After bottles they turned to rocks and technicians had to cover all instruments in a hurry and avoid to be hit themselves. There can be only two meanings for their leaving:
1-  Technical troubles: they were the only with ear monitors on stage instead of normal monitors, and if they really were not able to here anything, they were right not wanting to play. But so, what bloody technician did they have, not able to right the matter?
2- They were really pissed off for bottles and so they just figured out as spoilt kids. Some bottles did not give any problem for the performance, and they should just continue the same. It flashes into my mind Green Day, band whom Blink must be thankful to for ALL, that on 1994 on Woodstock stage asked fans to throw mud back to them! They continued and the concert was amazing. What will be remembered is a band perfectly done for MTV, for lights and good dresses of MTV Awards (In an interview they declared that they have been eating really good food in Italy, but nothing referring to the concert, eh?), without real soul. They seemed just puppets playing only with right conditions. Luckily I’ve never bought any cd of them, and I will never do. On the contrary all the other artists did really show to be good bands. Right, even they are broadcasted on tv, but when they have to entertain their fans, they have got no reason to spare themselves. That was my festival, this is what I saw.

Pogopop thanks OX and Luigi for their tales and William for his kind help in the english translation.