I swear that if I wouldn't have read from the sender's name that this CD-demo was from Italy I never expected, listening to it, that Revial were, italians.
This should be taken as a compliment of course!
Well, Revial come from Lavena Mombello, near Varese, and it's clear that there must be some very good record shop around that place. Or some very good rock club with a truly expert alternative DJ.....
Revial born in 1995 and in 1996 they record their first demo, "The way to another way", all sung in english. The second demo, in 1997, is sung in italian but the band, from now on, decide to sing in english (and considering the very good results we can't say they're wrong).
Their third demo has the same name of the band and can be surely categorized as crossover.
Pogopop's judgement is resolutely positive (rare for an italian band) and, concerning some songs, more than positive.
These guys finally understood the right way to play, as not many italian bands do: to change frequently rhythm and musical spaces inside the same song.
In this way they can keep alive the listener's attention.
But sometimes be careful! When you find a good riff or a good sonic solution, don't insist too much, prolonging the song more than 4'.
This demo is well played, well sung (a good voice at last, real problem of so many bands), well mixed & recorded. Sound is compact, drums and bass guitar are OK, the guitar-wall do the rest, without making the sound confused as sometimes can happen.
You can find in Revial echoes from Rage Against the Machine passing through post-grunge till Deftones, with an Eddie Wedder singing style sometimes.
Best songs are, in Pogopop's opinion, the first two, "Sore" and "L.A.F.C.L.". Also the fifth, "With which it's what it is", if it was a little bit shorter.
A little suggest to Revial, don't waste your time in Italy, look for contacts abroad....

Luca Morselli - voice -
Filippo Zavattari - guitar & voice -
Andrea De Taddeo - drums -
Cristian Bartoccetti  - bass-guitar and voice -

Alessio Deplano
Via Galilei 13
23898 Imbersago (LC)
Tel 039/9920637
Fax 039/9921044

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