In November 1966 in the country close to a small village called Otocek of the former Yugoslavian Federation, a flying object crashed and the extraterrestrial being of the picture above was extracted . The event was soon put under silence, pretending the crash was the result of an highly secret military .

The body, partially burned, was said to be the one of a pilot of the Air Force. They said it was deformed by flames and heat. The darkness of the night helped the military authorities to pass this thesis for believable. The extraterrestrial being was immediately taken to Belgrade, with an ambulance of the Army, and in the Capital it was assigned to a Military Hospital. In a few hours, some of the most important scientists of Yugoslavia started to examine the corpse.

Among the scientists, three were the doctors that led the autopsy: the surgeon Andrej Zobol and the two pathologists Nikola Jullic and Zoran Frederic. The three were proved to be strictly linked to the Government.

In the following pictures, you can see some of the most significant moments of the autopsy.


The breast of the alien is opened


Dr Jullic picks some intestinal evidences



Professor Zobol starts the opening of the cranium


Professor Zobol ends the folding of the scalp


Its' the moment of the brain removal: it will be found that the brain is very similar to the human one


In 1999 the pictures have been passed secretly to the author by the nephew of one of the doctors, that is living now in Slovenia, very close to the Italian border. In 1966 neither the USA nor the USSR knew of this event thanks to the fact that Yugoslavia was a Socialist Country, but it was not aligned and it was neutral, far from the frictions of the Cold war.