Free Wargames Rules

by Riccardo Affinati


Estrategia y Táctica (España)

Wargame Academy (France)

Italian Version


DE BELLIS ARMATIS  Rules for ancient warfare by Riccardo Affinati 

ANCIENT WARGAME Rules for ancient warfare by Nick Salmon.

DE BELLIS SCHOOL ANTIQUITATIS Fast Play Rules. To produce the simplest set of wargames rules that retain the feel and generalship requirements of ancient battle in a game lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

Guerreiro (Warrior) - Ancient Espana

Ancients by Bill Banks, Ancients Boardgame. Format: PDF

LEGION Roman Web Page, Links & Free Rules


Ancient Sieges History

Men of Sumer Conquer all of Sumeria. Map Included

Battle of Adrianople (378 AD) School Wargame

The Battle of Marathon School Wargame

The Battle of Zama School Wargame

City States War and Politics in Ancient Greece.

Ancient Wargames Rules WRG rules (6th edition). Format: HTML

By The Gods Format: HTML

Alexander the Great History

Empires Variant of Imperious

DBA Campaigns 

Antiquity Online History

Dirty Ancients Format: HTML

Gladiator School Supplement to Gladius. Card Games

Ancient Generals Two armies clash. Complete with Elephants, Chariots & Catapults. Card Games

Egypt Dynasty building in ancient Egypt. Card Games

Qadesh Hittites vs Egyptians

Historicon Format: PDF in zip

In Mort Veritas Post-Biblical to circa 1000 AD.

Ish-marr Charriot Races Format: HTML

Man o Man Diceless wargames rules up to 1000 AD.

Phalanx 3000BC to 1500AD. Format: PDF in zip

Cultural Map of Hellas  History

Advanced Culture & Conquest  Card Games

Ancient Rome Rules

Romans v Celts Battles

Gladius Roman Gladiators fight to the death in the arena. Card Games

Ramming Speed  Ancient Naval Wargames

Rules for Ancient Battles

Greek Fire Fleets of Biremes and Triremes in action.

Imperious Ancient Civilizations struggle for dominance. Fast & Simple

Roman Military Organisation  History. 

Spartacus Gladiator

Trireme Naval wargames rules (Greece and Rome)



Medieval Web Page

D.B.A. EXTRA STRONG Italian Version

For King or Parliament

Battle of Hastings


Viking Attacks  History

Alexius Boardgame for the Crusades period in the Byzantine Empire

Axemen and Allies rules

Viking Loot Loot & Pillage the most

Battle of Hattin (1187 AD)

Battle of Liegnitz (1241 AD)

Bad Endings Skirmish rules

Charles the Bold History

People of the Dark Age  History

Dark Ages Medieval skirmishes

Feudal Warfare Feudal-era A.D. 750-1250

God's Acre Rules

Daisho Japanese Sword Duel. Card Games

Guild Master Build a Medieval town; Card Games.

Hex Command Boardgame

IronBow  Miniatures rules for the Crusades era

Japanese Art of War Skirmish

Medieval Skirmish Rules

Castle Siege Simple 8 X 8 Wargame

Crusades Brave Knights compete for the riches of the Holy Land

Days of Knights Page History

Medieval Skirmish

Rules By Ral

Pigs and Glory:The Viking Sagas

Princes of the East A political/military game

Melee A Smashing good time! Card Games

Knights & Castles Build & Destroy. Card Games

Saxon Dogs rules

Medieval Skirmish Rules

Medieval Period Rule

Tourney wargame rules

The Battle of Hastings

Battle of Agincourt (1415 AD)

Medieval Castle Siege

Shields and Blades

Simplus Minituris Rules

Castle Keep Medieval Siege and Conquest

Thieves Guild Rival Guilds compete for gold and members

War of the Roses rules

War of the Roses  History



FATHER TILLY  Father Tilly is a set of wargames rules designed to recreate battles from the Thirty Years War. This website contains the rules, army lists and orders of battle for many of the armies and battles of the period. The rules have been play-tested but are by no means finished and I would appreciate any comments that players or readers of the rules would like to make. N. SALMON VERY WELL !!!

RENAISSANCE WEB PAGE Links & Free Rules Italian Version

Katana to Yari Samurai Japan

La Felicissima Armada Naval

Siege of Tenochtitlan - Atzechi vs Conquistadores

Warmaster: ECW

JAPAN WEB PAGE Links & Free Rules

Samurai Flags

Samurai Battles

Samurai Archives

Bushi: Miniature rules for field battles in Japan, 1100-1600 century. Formations Guide Bushi Rules Cover

 Perfect Captain - Spanish Fury Battle(1) - Spanish Fury Battle(2) - Spanish Fury Battle(3) - Spanish Fury Battle(4) - Spanish Fury Battle(5) - Spanish Fury Battle(6) - Spanish Fury Battle(7) - Spanish Fury Battle(8)

Barbarossa ! 16th Century Naval Rules for Galley Warfare

Pirate Island Artifact Module

By The Sword and The Compass Rules for Sixteenth Century naval warfare

Charge Pikes! English Civil War

Cliff's 1490-1690 Rules

ECW English Civil War Rules

Italian Wars For 6mm

Lion of the North 30 Year War rules

Lion of the North: Haiduk and Rajtar - Organisations

Japanese Swords Wargame set in Feudal Japan

Fall of the Aztecs Aztecs vs Conquistadors

Pirates of Sartosa Pirate rules

Thirty Years Warfare Take on Tilly and Spinola. Card Game

Siege! rules

The Sword And The Pike!  rules

Seven Samurai Skirmish Recreate the last Battle Sequence

When Cannon Are Roaring Siege rules




1755 - French & Indian War Homepage History

The Military History of Eugene of Savoy

Clash of Arguments Horse and Musket skirmish rules

D.B.A. EXTRA STRONG Italian Version

Steel Ships and Iron Hearts

Free SYW Rules

War of Princes

Lace Wars

Old Dessaeur

Nec Pluribus Impar History

C'est la Guerre

American War Of Independence AWI and the French and Indian Wars

Cutlass! Pirate skirmish rules

Fortunes of War American Revolution

Arnold's Finest Hour wargame

Rules for the War of Spanish Succession wargame

Skirmish 18th century wargame

Fast Play Rules for SYW

Two Page Miniatures Rules For The Seven Years War

Simple Sails naval wargame

Battles from Swedish History

1618 Something History

French and Indians Wars Skirmish rules

Furious Reason Lite Synthesis between Age of Reason and Fire and Fury

Great Northern War Rules Battles of the Great Northern War 1700-1721

King Georges' Northwest Passage Skirmish rules for the 'horse & musket' era (1680-1815)

La Petite Guerre 18th century skirmishes

Old Fritz Rules for the 7 Years War in Europe

One If By Land American War of Independence rules

Our Moccasins Trickled Blood Quasi-skirmish rules

Pieces of Eight Skirmish rules for Caribbean Pirates of the 17th & 18th Century

Pirate Game rules

Seven Years War wargame

Sons of Liberty American Revolution Miniatures Rules

American Revolution Don't Tread on Me! Card Games

Seven Years' War Miniatures Rules 1740-1790



NAPOLEON VS. WELLINGTON Rules for Napoleon's warfare

D.B.A. EXTRA STRONG Italian Version

NAPOLEON Web page, links & free rules

Wellington Wars


March to the Sound of Guns

Death or Glory - Napoleonic Rules

Ted Shulz's Napoleonic Wars Rule Set

C'est la Guerre - Napoleonic Rules

Firelock Rules 18th.

British Napoleonic Uniform Guide

The Napoleonic association Web Site

Napoleonic Literature

Napoleonic DBA

Royal Navy, 1793-1815

Napoleonic Warship

A l'Ombre des Aigles Napoleonic wars

Beat to Quarters Napoleonic Naval Wargaming

Shot, Shell & Grape Warfare in the Napoleonic style. Card Games

Ready Aim Fire Improved version of SS&G Cardset included! Card Games

Ships of the Line Sail your Galleon to victory! Card Games

Napoleonic Empire Give me Empire or give me Elba! Cards, Counters, and Map included!

Cannonade Set Piece; Cannons, Cavalry, & Infantry; Counter Set included!

Piratical Circular Board; Plunder, Fight, & Navigate

Doubloons & Dragoons Recruitment; Control cities, establish trade routes, build armies

Belle Alliance Napoleonic period

Brigades and Batteries 15mm Napoleonic Miniatures Rules


Column of Attack Napoleonics for 25mm size figures

Darrell's 15mm Napoleonic

Eagles over the Empire Napoleonic miniatures

Fast Play Napoleonic Rules

Fast Play Napoleonic Rules II

Grenadier Napoleonic wars

If Only We Could All Be Napoleon!  Larry Reeves' rules for 15mm Napoleonic

Large Scale Napoleonics

L’armee Francaise Fire & Fury Napoleonic

Ligne de Bataille Napoleonic Online Translator

L'Ordre Mixte Napoleonic supplement to Fire and Fury

Napoleonic wargame

Napoleonic Quick DBA rules for napoleonics

Napoleonics DBM. Four rules: Mike Campbell. By Alan Patrick. By John Murphy. By Steve Kerr.

Napoleonic Fury Fire & Fury rules for the Napoleonic Era

Old Trousers Horse & Musket Era

One Day Napoleonic's Campaign Grand Tactical/Strategic Rules PDF

Quick And Dirty Napoleonic Naval Rules Napoleonic Naval rules

Quick Rules For Napoleonics Skirmish rules

Republique Napoleonic rules from The War Times Journal

Resolve Napoleonic miniatures game

 Shot and Sail Naval

The Brom Standard 19th Century rules covering Napoleonics, ACW, Franco Prussian War, British-Egyptian War

Tough Men With Iron Balls Naval. (requires PIQUET)

Vive L'Empereur Rules come from Bruce Quarrie’s Napoleonic Wargaming

Wars of Nelson Naval rules

Wes and Rick's Garble Napoleonics for 15mm size figures


ACW & Co.

 RED SHIRTS Rules for Garibaldi's guerrilla warfare in 6mm

1872 Kriegspeil Rules

Warmaster ACW


ZUAVI PONTIFICI Pontifical web page, italian version.

D.B.A. EXTRA STRONG Italian Version

"We are the Flank" - American Civil War

American Civil War Naval Rules

THE SPLENDID LITTLE WAR! Miniatures Wargames Rules for the Spanish-American War

TIERRA Y LIBERTAD! Fast-Play wargame Rules for the Mexican revolution, 1910-1920, in 25mm

Glory Days ACW Rules

Iron Brigade ACW rules

Larry Reeves' ACW rules

1862 Civil War campaign rules

Old West Miniature Wargaming

A Hotter Fire... Naval actions from the American Civil War

ACW-DBA American Civil War in DBA

De Bellis Americanus ACW rules for DBA


Glory Days ACW Rules

Civil War Fortifications History

Iron Brigade Tactical ACW rules

Ironclads In Action Naval rules

Alamo Victory or Death!

San Juan Hill Replay your favorite battle of the Spanish American War

Ironclad Gunboat ACW naval

Larry Reeves' "Regimental" rules ACW

Regimental Fury Supplement for Fire and Fury

Steam, Iron and Tin ACW ironclads naval rules

Civil War Poker Ante up boys

Gettysburg The Turning point of the Civil War

Seeing The Elephant American Civil War

The Revised Brom American Civil War Rules

Boom Town Wild West. Use Gunslingers to do your dirty work

Duel of Iron Civil War Era Ironclads duke it out


The Mystic Warriors of the Plains Lead your Brave to Greatness!

Range War Feuding Land Barons

ACWarmaster - American Civil War



QUEEN VICTORIA. Colonial in Italian version

Tripoli: Blood & Sand! Fast-Play Wargame Rules -  For The Italian-Turkish War, 1911-1912, and Sanùsìyya Revolt, 1912-1931, in 6-15-20-25-28mm.

"SANDOKAN: THE MALAYAN TIGER" Fast-Play Wargame Rules For Salgarian Adventures, Colonial Era, in 25mm

ZULU ATTACK Rules for Zulu warfare

D.B.A. EXTRA STRONG Italian Version

TRIPOLI Colonial Rules

Colonial Web page, free rules & links

Battle of Isandlwana (1879 AD)

Counting Coup on Custer

San Juan - Cuba

Make 'em Eat Snakes

Science v Pluck - Colonial

Damn Battleships Again

A Good Day To Die Old West 1800-1890 gunfight rules

British Sudan Mahdists vs Anglo-Egyptians. Card Games

Fusillade Press the attack or wait for the right moment? Card Games

Colonial Empires Empire Building 1600-1850. Card Gasmes

Bundock and Bayonet Colonial Rules by Bob Cordery includes additional rules and playsheet

Battlefields Historical Library History

Colonial DBM rules

Colonial Rules

Cousin Jonathan American War, 1812-1814

Zulu Spears British-Zulu battle simulation; Published in the SGS Strategist! Card Games

Darkest Africa Exploration And Imperialism In "darkest Africa", C. 1850 To 1899

De Bellis Zulus and Vorrtrekkers  DBM for the Zulu wars variant

Death In The Desert Legion vs. Arab

'eres To You Fuzzy Wuzzy Sudan colonial Rules

Fire and Furia Francese A conversion  for use in the Mid Nineteenth Century European Wars

Fire & Sword in the Sudan Rules for a campaign in the Sudan

Fury In The Balkans Adaptation of the Fire and Furia Francese variant by Nick Dorrell for the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78

Fury in the Baltic

God Save The Queen Colonial Rules

Imperius Maximus DBA-Based Colonial Wargames Rules by Neil Laird

Islandlawana - Rules for the battle and variations

Jolly Irregular Fun Wargames Rules

The Dark Days of the Admiralty - 19th Century

Ramming Speed - Ancients

Taking The Bull By The Horns - 19th Century

King George's Northwest Passage Skirmish Rules For The 'horse & Musket' Era

Jungle Jungle Warfare rules

Little Colonial Rules Colonial skirmish

Mine All Mine Far West in the mid C19th

Pot that Fellow, Somebody Rules for Colonial Gaming

Rorke's Drift Colonial

Sahibs and Sepoys skirmish rules

Shootout Wild West skirmish

Savage & Soldier online

Splorers, Savages, Soldiers and Slavers African Skirmish Rules

Stand To Colonial skirmishes

Sword, Cross and Gold A variant for "The Sword and the Flame" colonial rules set

The Great 1857 Rebellion/mutiny!

The Green Hell Colonial warfare in West Africa

The Rules With No Name Old West & American Civil War Rules

Science versus Pluck Game on the Sudan campaigns, 1881-99

The Splendid Little War Rules for the Spanish-American War

The Tomahawk And The Flame Skirmish Cowboys & Indians

The Sword In Mexico  Maximilian adventure, 1864

The Sword In Palestine  Great War in the Middle East

They Don't Like It Up 'Em  Campaigns in the colonial era 1860 to 1914

Thick as Grass and as Black as Hell  Zulu War (1879) skirmish rules

Warhammer Colonials rules

Westmunda  Necromunda rules, Gorka Morka and WH 40K

Wild West  Skirmish rules

Zulu  Zulu Wars rules

Zulu  Zulu rules for 20/25mm

HEROICA, Victorian Wargames Association

Front Rank Fire - 19th Century



The Great European & World War History

1916  World War I rules from The War Times Journal

Battlefleet Naval Wargaming, 1895 - 1905

Knights in the Sky - World War I

Boxer Rebellion Race of 4 Foreign Armies in China; Just before WWI. Map & Counters included

I wish I was in France!

Fokker Sopwith camel vs Fokker. Card Game

Canvas Eagles  WWI air combat miniatures game

Cuadro Golpeando!  Spanish Civil War

Zeppelin Battles of the Great War Romanticized Lighter-than-air Tactical combat. Card Game

Chinese Warlords Recruitment; Just after WWI. Card Game

Documents of World War One History

De Bellis Horribilis  DBA for WWI

Dreadnought  Naval Rules

East Africa WWI  Rules for East Africa 1914-18

FIREPOWER : Big Guns and Cordite  Naval wargame rules, 1900 to 1945

Great War Society. History

Fokker  World War One Aerial Rules

Ypres Who will lead your men? A game by Markus Salo. Card Game

Megiddo 1918 Help Lawrence of Arabia fight the Turks. Card Game

Hellfire WWI  WW1 period with model soldiers and follow on from the Hellfire modern and WW2 set

Mexicanski  Spanish Civil War - rules variant of AK47

Red and White  Russian Civil War. Additional rules here for aircraft and ships

Red Hordes  Russian Civil War rules, similar to WRG's DBA/DBM rules

High Seas Fleet Simple WWI Naval Combat Rules. Card Game

The First Balkan War Balkan League vs the Ottoman Empire. Card Game

World War One Documents Archive

Jutland The great sea battle of WWI. Card Game

Attrition Trench Warfare; Published in the SGS Strategist! Card Game.WWI Period

Ten Rounds Rapid: White Heat of Change  World War I rules

They Don't Like It Up 'Em  WWI Skirmish rules

Togo  Naval battles of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05

Trench Storm  First world war

WWI Naval  For 1/3000th scale

World War One Image Archive

White General  Russian Civil War rules based on Ten Rounds Rapid: White Heat of Change

Zeppelin Battles of the Great War  Set Piece battles WWI Variant Lighter-than-air Tactical combat

WW1 - The Document Archive

ACCADEMIA DEL WARGAME. Italian Version. Free rules.



PATTON, ROMMEL & Co. Second World War by Riccardo Affinati 

II° WORLD WAR WEB PAGE Links & Free Rules

Cross Fire

Tank Battle At Ptokhorovka

Squad leader in Miniature - WWII

Corpen 18 - WWII

Hunters In The Sky - WWII

Get off the Beach - WWII

A Terrible Resolve - WWII

Ted Schulz's World War II Rule Set

War at Sea - WWII

Panzer III - WWII

Gruppenfuhrer - WWII

21st Century Skirmish - WWII

Blitzkrieg WW2 - WWII



Tank Duel

WWII Ships

1943  World War II rules from The War Times Journal

World Wars at comparison

Cards of War Strategic WWII motif. Card Games.

Sino-Japanese War Three player Game.

Battlegame  Armoured Warfare In Miniature. There are also game charts here and army lists here.

Campaign Rules for "Battleground"  German and American infantry companies in France, 1944.

Company Commander  Real World tactics.

Complete WW2 Manual  Set of World War 2 rules from the Miniatures Page.

DBWW2  Conversion rules for the DBM system for World War II

Desert Rats  Tank battles in the Desert in WW2.

Dirtside II for WW2  Some suggested modifications to DIRTSIDE II for the World War II period 

DivTac  Divisional World War II 1/300th Rules. Supplement.

Fire on the Waters  Tactical surface combat in World War II

Hellfire II  Fast play rules for all scales

Wolf Pack U-boat attacks on allied convoys in WWII; Published in the SGS Strategist! Card Games.

Squad WWII small unit tactics simulation. Two different Card Sets available! Card Games.

High Seas Drifter  WWII battleship combat


Hunters on the Shoreline  Battles between light naval forces

East Front West Front WWII in less than an hour! Card Games

Winter War Finns vs Russians. Variant of Solo Zulu. Thoth Card Set! Janne's Cardset Card Games.

Hunters on the Shoreline

Risus Skirmish

Honour the Dead....

Mexicanski 36

Independent Fire  Skirmish Action in the 1930s and 40s

Island Assault  Pacific Atoll in WW2.

Lightning War  WW11 land warfare. Data tables can be found here

Tank Killers Panthers vs Shermans 1945; Card Set included! Card Games.

Blitz Fight the Battle of Britain; Card Set included! Card Games.

Mass Warfare  Recruitment & Resources; WWII Tech.

Men Of Frost  WW2 rules by Paul Scrivens-Smith.

Midway  Dice game; WWII Carrier battle simulation; Counter Set & Flowcharts

Minimal Aerial Combat  WWII Aerial Combat Rules

Off The Beach  WWII beach landing board game

Operation Brevity  Corps/Divisional level WWII rules. Plus sample organisations here

RAF Aircrew  RAF aircrew engaged in air operations against the Germans over France, Germany, etc.

Red Poppy/White Feather  Section/Squad level WWII rules

Sea Battles  Set Piece; WWII Abstract

Sea Wings  Aircraft carrier warfare in World War II

SeeKrieg 4th Edition  Naval wargame rules covering the era 1880 through 1945

Shell Shock!  Wargame system. WWII units here

Storm of Steel (SOS): Basic Module Rules for combat 1930 - 50

Storm of Steel : Night Fighting - Module for night fighting.

From Sedan to Dunkerque - Supplement for for France 1940. 

From Nomonhan To The Halha - Supplement for Russia v Japan 1939. 

From Danzig to Warsaw - Supplement for Poland 1939 

From Viborg To The Ladoga - Supplement for Finns v Russia 1941-42. 

From Brest To Moscow - Supplement for the invasion of the Soviet Union 1941. 

From Alamein to Tunis - Supplement for Africa 1941

From Tjerkassy To Berlin - Supplement for the East Front 1944-45

From Madrid To The Ebro - Supplement for the Spanish Civil War

From Seoul To The Yalu - Supplement for The Korean War

Siege of Dien Bien Phu - Supplement for Vietnam War 1953

Surface Action  World War II

Surface Warship   World War Two naval battles

Tactical Command rules

Ten Rounds Rapid World War II and Korea. Amendments here.Aicraft data.

0TRR: WWII and Korean Organisation - Full organisation lists

The Battle Of Britain Campaign  Battle of Britain

The Coral Sea Campaign  Air to Sea combat in the Pacific

The Devils Brigade  Charlie Foxtrot for WWII

The Hunt for the Lonely Queen  Sink the Tirpitz game

The Sword, The Flame, Machine Guns And Grenades!  by Larry Brom's

Warhammer Panzer Battles  Warhammer 40,000 for the Second World War

Warhammer World War II  Warhammer 40K World War Two

Where Panzers Dare  WWII version of A Fistful of TOWs

WWII Naval  For 1/3000th scale. 

WW2 on the WWW  rules for playing large 1/300th games with plenty of models. Data Tables here.

ALZO ZERO. Italian Version by S. Pisani.



DE BELLIS VIETNAM Quick and dirty rules for wargaming Vietnam  by Riccardo Affinati 

A Fistful of TOWs  Modern

Nouvelle Guerre - Moderno

Special Ops - Moderno

Modern Skirmish

Vietnam Skirmish

Mujaheddin USSR vs Afghanistan 1979-1988

Pork Chop Hill By Joe Nixon. Variant of Attrition.

Ambush  Guerrilla Wargaming 1960/99

History of the Vietnam War History

Aquazone  Submarine rules

Battlegame  Armoured Warfare In Miniature. Also game charts here and army lists here

BEKAA BLUES  Lebanon 1982 micro-armour rules by Erwin Sablon and Karim Van Overmeire

C3i  Chaos, Confusion, Cowardice & Incompetence

Charlie Foxtrot  **** Wargame & RPG

City Of Fire  Modern day skirmishes

Dinky Dau  Vietnam rules

Raging Gun Battle Guns! Card Game.

Cat & Mouse Terrorism and Counter Terrorist Measures. Card Game.


Execute,Execute, Execute FBI hostage game.

Extreme Quick and Dirty Moderns  Squad skirmish system.

FireForce!  Modern rules for 15mm.  Homepage  

From Seoul To The Yalu  Supplement for The Storm of Steel rules for The Korean War.

Thunderbolt Fly your A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog on Close Air Support Duty.

Dogs of War Lead your Mercenaries to fame and fortune.

Revolution Simulates a coup in a developing nation.

Full Jacket Potato  Small Unit Actions in Vietnam 1963-1975.  Homepage  

Go In and Sink  Modern naval rules.

Noir Tell your own stories of crime in the Big City. Card Game.

Mission Improbable Don't let your agents get captured. Card Game.

Mobsters Build up your criminal organization. Card Game.

Hellfire  Modern rules for all scales. Homepage 

Hex Command  Boardgame.

GRUNT! - Wargaming Vietnam History

Hotspots  Rules are work in progress

Incoming!  Vietnam conversion for Crossfire by Barrie Lovell

Jolly Irregular Fun  Simply Wargames rules

Low Level Hell  Party game, a helicopter during combat in the Vietnam War

M.A.D.  Fast Play Mechanised Warfare Rules

Vietnam: the American Experience History

Maxim To Minimi  Skirmish Rules from 1900 to Today by Jason R. Weiser

Modern GQ  Modern naval rules

NATO Modern Armoured Combat  Armoured combat, 70's - 90's

Platoon  Adaptation of the Avalon Hill game "Platoon"

Police Action  6mm Vietnam Rules


Quick-Play Low Intensity Warfare Campaign Rules  Platoon/Company Vietnam

Quiet, Ugly Men - Low Intensity Warfare Campaign Rules  Platoon/Company level wargames. Homepage 

Rapid Fire - Modern rules

Rat Six  Vietnam Tunnel rules game.

Red Banner  Modern naval games

Rencounter  Skirmish rules for all periods

Several Klicks in the Nam  Vietnam rules. 

Shell Shock!  Modern units here

Siege of Dien Bien Phu  Supplement rules for use with the Storm of Steel

Skirmish '90  Rules for wargaming in the 20th century

Steel Inferno  Combat system

Ten Rounds Rapid Modern Modern fast play rulesTen Rounds Rapid Modern Organisations

Air to Air Modern Jet Fighter Combat.

Tunnel Rat Vietnam. Bluffing game for 2 players.

The Smell of Napalm  Vietnam skirmish rules

Vietnam  Skirmish Rules for Vietnam in the 60's

Vietnam Crossfire  Rules for Vietnam

Vietnam Fury  Vietnam War version of the Space Fury rules

AFV Armored Fighting Vehicles.

Sea Intercept Alpha Bravo we have bogies...

Where's Charlie  Vietnam rules




PICCOLA ACCADEMIA DEL WARGAME. Italian Version. Free rules.

IL SIGNORE DEL MALE Uno dei migliori regolamenti di wargame fantasy a livello operazionale, studiato apposta per grandi battaglie, che vi permetterà di simulare sia le ambientazioni di Tolkien che quelle di Howard. Italian version.