Gary Karr about Un'Ottava Sottosopra


"Un' Ottava Sottosopra" is a quartet of four
very spirited, musical and imaginative musicians.
The fact that they cast their spell with four
doublebasses is an extra bonus especially
to audiophiles who will revel in this unique
sonic experience.
No CD library is complete without this recording.

Un'Ottava Sottosopra with Gary Karr at Teatro Sistina ( 20-2-94 )

Special photo of Gary "from his Oasis in Canada"
for Flying Carpets CD's booklet

"Enormous joy is what the second CD
of Un'Ottava Sottosopra is all about.
From the beginning to the end, I listened to
their music with a smile that shot from ear to ear.
Their arrangements are brilliantly executed and
cleverly written.
This CD is the most outstanding example of
cross-overI have ever had the pleasure of hearing.
This is one recording that truly deserves
to be at the top of the charts!
Congratulations Ottava Sottosopra
on a job extremely well done."

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