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Exudative pulmonary tuberculosis


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Fig. 1

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Fig. 2


Paziente 3. Cd4 300/mmc. Mantoux positiva. Febbre, tosse ed emoftoe, sfregamenti pleurici.
Fig. 1-2 - Rx. Focolai broncopneumonici bilaterali, alle basi polmonari, con versamento pleurico.
Trattamento antitubercolare con esito favorevole.

Patient 3. 300 Cd4 /mmc. Positive Mantoux. Fever, cough and haemoptysis, pleural rubs.
Fig. 1-2 - X-ray film. Bilateral bronchopneumonic foci, to pulmonary bases, with pleural effusion.
Antituberculous treatment with favourable outcome.


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