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Un'ottava sottosopra

We would like to introduce you to:
Un'Ottava Sottosopra (An Octave Upsidedown)
absolutely new on the quartet scene, fruit of the research and, we might add,
enjoyment of four Orchestral Bass Players.

Comprised of four Double Basses - unusual instruments, generally considered cumbersome and ungainly, our quartet proposes to demonstrate the variety of timbres and the richness of octaves and harmonics that these instruments are capable of producing, featuring an ample repertoire of Classical Favourites and beyond, aimed at reaching an audience that is not necessarily used to the Concert Hall setting.

The particular characteristics of this "band" and the variety of the repertory allowed the Quartet to perform with artists of the international scene like the double-bass players Gary Karr and Franco Petracchi, the soprano Nancy Gustavson and the tenor Giuseppe Sabbatini.

Intense concert activity has been witness to the Quartett's participation in manifestations such as"Over the Rainbow"(Chicago '96) and the Luso-Greco-Italiano de Montemor-o-novo Festival (Portugal97).

"Un'Ottava Sottosopra" recorded two CD for MUSICAIMMAGINE Records.

Luca Cola

Andrea Pighi

Antonio Sciancalepore

Massimo Taddei

Luca Cola

Andrea Pighi

Antonio Sciancalepore

Massimo Taddei




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Un'Ottava Sottosopra / Alter Ego CD


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